Short and Sweet #69 – Death

We fear death and see it as loss, yet it is so much more than what the mind thinks. Our experience of it makes us think that it is separate from living and different from birth. However, it is not, it is the match that lights the candle of creation. Birth does not exists without death because all things are reborn in their death. Human beings are on an evolutionary journey that is an endless cycle of death and birth, this is life; this is creation.

There is the death we see all around us like plants, our body and everything we perceive to be separate from us. Then there is the death of those things that we cannot see with the naked eye like the cells in our body or all the microscopic animals living among us. However, what is just as important is the death of who we have become to birth who we really are now. Each day there is an opportunity to be reborn, to see and experience the world in a new way. We go through this whether we want to or not, yet when we embrace it suffering lessens and everything changes. We are no longer resisting what is but flowing with the river of life itself. Once we see that the world is clearly not this or that, we can recognize that two things can be true at the same time. With this new understanding, life is no longer rooted in fear and survival. We begin to see that all things have purpose and from the death of the False Self comes the resurrection of the True Self and we are reborn here and now.

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