Short and Sweet #70 – Are You Problem-Focused or SOULution-Focused

Are you so focused on your problems or the problems of the world that all you can do is worry? Worry creates many problems for us, the biggest being fear; fear that things are not going your way or will not work out OK. Does this state of worry and fear help you solve your problems? Of course not, in fact, the more you think about it the angrier you get and then you feel helpless. Once this happens you become a victim of your circumstances. We begin to place blame on anything or anyone outside ourselves for creating all these problems. We start to feel guilty for experiencing joy and happiness. The guilt begins to condition us not to feel, every time joy and happiness starts to come in we find a way to shut it down unless we begin to see things differently.

What energy do you suppose creates more healing, joy or worry? Can you feel the difference in these two words? Did you immediately pick joy? How simple was that, now you know that joy creates healing and worry instills fear, creates anger, anxiety and makes you a victim. Once you begin to let your worry go and embrace joy, then you have already begun to heal and not just yourself, but also the world. You have started contributing something positive to those in need and you will uplift everyone around you. How simple and cool is that, also you will begin to be Soulution-Focused. You will be drawn to follow the Soul to your solutions instead of the mind. The mind will make you think you have problems to have something to solve. This happens even when you do not have a problem. How many times have you worried over something that never happened? So would you like to be in an endless cycle of problem-focused worry or step into Soulution?

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