Short and Sweet #72 – Awakening

Many things help us awaken in life, and one of our favorites is pain and suffering. There are many other options available and even more, show up when we start to become aware. This requires action on our part, for instance, what would you be willing to give up today to read something spiritual? Reading higher thoughts of any kind can begin to help us awaken. The list of possibilities is endless, meditation, relationship, yoga; dance and music are just a few. Everything around can offer awakening if we are only open to the possibility. The first thing is to make an intention that you want to awaken. Then you show the Universe that you mean it by taking action. The action is not always about doing something in the outer world, like reading, yoga or dance. It can mean getting quiet and moving into the inner world. Once merged into oneness we can connect with spirit in a way that is not possible through thinking. Know that you will be guided once you create your unbending intention, stay true to this intention, and never give up. Each day will bring new opportunities and as your awareness awakens so too will you.

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