Short and Sweet #73 – Love

What is it with everybody LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! God is love; all you need is love, are you just getting sick of all this talk about love? OK maybe not, all right I admit it they are right. However, what is often overlooked is loving ourselves. No I do not mean for you to stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself how much you, love you although that may not be a bad idea. I am talking about the true expression of love, it’s not what you say, it’s what you do. Are you beating yourself up through negative thinking or perhaps shoving junk food into your body? What kind of self- love is that? Well it’s not is it, yet we continue to find ways to beat ourselves up from thought abuse to emotional eating and all the other ways we show spirit that we do not really know how to love ourselves. There is a huge opportunity here from the lessons in posts 1 thru 72 to open yourself up to loving you even more. It is only through loving yourself first that you will be able to send love out into the world, without expecting something in return. I know I am asking a lot, you have to start being aware of what you say and do to yourself and become less focused on what other people say and do to you. I guarantee or your money back that this shift will change your life and the world. Are you up for it or are you OK with things as they are? Only you can answer that question for yourself but I know deep in my heart and soul that you are, so just go for it, besides who doesn’t want more love in their life.

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