Short and Sweet #74 – Seek and Ye Shall…

The mind will convince you that something is missing in your life and you have to find it. Many have experienced this phenomenon of looking in all the wrong places for what they seek. Yet this thing we seek; the thing we know we have never experienced before and must find has always been with us. It is our birthright, our true nature and more a part of our True-Self than the thoughts that convince us otherwise.

How do I know this, because we can see it through the eyes of a child who looks at the world with wonder, mystery and sees everything in the world as the miracle it is. However as we begin to label things and form our beliefs we leave behind the wonder, mysteries and miracles for what we think we know to be true. As more beliefs are formed and labels assigned we become more associated with what we think we know instead of what we actually experience. Once we begin letting go of this fog induced mind chatter we can once again see clearly and awaken to the wonder and mystery of the world here and now.

The next time you look at something and your mind says I know what that is and you begin to move on, remember to take in the wonder and mystery. Let go of the labels and see it clearly once again, just as you did as a child seeing it for the first time. Notice how you feel in your body, your vibration is lifted and your energy is flowing faster. Notice that you leave behind your pain and suffering in this experience of your True-Self and realize that this does not have to be a fleeting thing because it is your birthright.


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