Short and Sweet #75 – Pain

We have all experienced pain at one time or another in our life. Both physical and emotional pain is a natural part of this journey, however it is our response to pain that changes our experience of pain (see post #18). We usually try to ignore it at first thinking that if we dismiss it, it will go away. Many of my clients think if they resist their pain it will hurt less, but usually it hurts more, so they try to resist more and just like the proverbial dog chasing its tail they get nowhere. When we let go, the pain decreases and sometimes immediately disappears showing us a different way to work with and experience pain.

More often than not when pain appears in our life particularly chronic pain, it has something to teach us. If we do nothing with this pain, we become conditioned to accept it as our new normal state for life. We often forget what it was like before the pain was there so it becomes impossible to know there is something different from what we know now, but this is an illusion and not the truth. Our mind and other people may tell us that nothing can be done or that we have tried everything and nothing is working, so many just give up.

When we are in pain, we begin to send it out into the world. We usually do not realize that this is happening because it transpires through our energy field and below our level of awareness. Then there are those times when we can see it because we become short-tempered or angry over little things, our energy is low and we have little patience. Remember that if we do not transform our pain, our pain transform us. Have you dealt with your pain? Are you willing to let it go? There is always a way to let your pain go, to see it in a new way and to collaborate with it and learn from it. Do not be afraid; let it help you uncover your True-Self.


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