Short and Sweet #76 – Filters

We see the world through filters like social conditioning and our beliefs. In addition, filters are created by our physical and emotional experiences. They are one of the reasons why we can look at the same thing and see something different. Can two people have different ideas about the same thing and believe that their way is the only correct way? Can those opposing ideas both be correct or is there only one way to do or think about things? Unfortunately most of the time we think that the way we are seeing things is the only way. This in turn makes it easy for us to point to things outside of ourselves and say; that is the problem or they are the problem. However, in truth the problem never starts out there it starts in you.

Can you be rigorously honest with yourself right this second? Are you willing to admit the truth about yourself to yourself? Do you feel different about your life than the way that you portray it to your family and friends? Can you see that you have fear around being this rigorously honest with yourself and others? You might feel that if you do you will be judged or not liked; even worse, you will not be loved or accepted. Through the process of letting go (see 42 and 57) we find our strength and realize that there is truth in the quote by Franklin D. Roosevelt, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.

One way to uncover our True-Self is by becoming aware of our filters. When you can face your fear and become rigorously honest with yourself, you can begin the journey of letting go finding more balance and peace in your life. In addition to all the other blessing that come with releasing your False-Self and revealing your True-Self.

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