Short and Sweet #77 – Divine-Creative-Energy

Embrace that you are Divine, Creative and unbounded Energy. These are not separate aspects of your beingness but this is who you really are. You are part of the whole; you are the Divine Creative Energy that created all things. Realize that the energy of every thought you have and every action you take ripples through the universe. This energy never dies, it just transforms.

When a rock is thrown into a pond, the ripples are biggest where the rock hits, but they continue to move outwardly through the pond. This is also true for everything that we do, we affect those closest to us by our thoughts and actions but everyone is impacted whether they consciously feel it or not because our energy ripples outwardly through the universe.

It is time to become more aware and conscious of how we use energy. We were taught not to run with scissors yet we run through our lives with judgmental and other non-loving thoughts. We take horrible actions towards others, the planet and ourselves. Does this make sense? We must honor the energy in our thoughts and actions and become consciously aware of how this energy affects everyone and everything.

Deep down you may feel the truth in what I am saying and if you do then it is time for you to become more aware and conscious of your thoughts, actions and the energy that is released by them. You can always go deeper with this practice no matter where you are on your journey, so do not wait start now.

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