Short and Sweet #78 – Real Relaxation

Many of us go through life filling up each moment with something to do. When we relax, we are still doing something like watching TV, reading, listening to music or playing games on one of our devices. Every moment of our day is filled with doing something from the time we wake to the moment we lie down to go to sleep. Now I am not saying that doing these things is bad, in fact, the Divine is found in everything if we are looking. However, have you ever noticed that when a single moment of quiet comes upon you that you become uncomfortable? Is it possible to just be without feeling lonely or fidgety? Can you be in the moment with yourself; doing nothing and be comfortable? If not, then why not? Do you know how to be alone with your breath and body and experience your Divine-Self? It is in those moments of stillness that we feel the embrace of the Divine. We can then re-connect with our True-Self for clarity, energy and Divine guidance. You can call upon this natural spiritual state at any time.

Know that we are not fully relaxed even when we are sleeping because there is tension and activity going on, the body and mind are still at work and when you think you are completely relaxed lying there on the couch you are not. I have experienced that there is always a deeper state of relaxation available to us. With a greater sense of awareness and by being consciously involved we can help facilitate the body and mind in letting go. This allows us to experience a deeper level of relaxation than just thinking that it will do it all by itself. This is especially true if we are just distracting ourselves with something that we think is a relaxing activity. Using the practices from earlier posts, you will begin to awaken to a deeper connection with your body and the Divine while developing your awareness. Spend some time consciously working with the body and learn to relax in a real way. In the next two posts, I will introduce you to Body Scanning a practice to help deepen your connection with the body and develop your awareness.

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