Short and Sweet #82 – The Dark Side

Can you admit to having a dark side? The truth is we are not perfectly loving beings 24/7. Everyone has moods, makes mistakes, and has been mean or taken advantage of someone. There are many things that we do that come from our dark side. You must be willing to look at your dark side to let your light shine its brightest.

In fact, we do not fully step into our light because of our dark side. Have you noticed when anything goes wrong that you focus all your attention toward what went wrong, while completely overlooking all the things that went right? Many of us do this, always overlooking the positive to focus on what we perceive to be wrong. This misguided view has us looking at our dark side and seeing it as the light.

We just want to be accepted for who we are yet we are too scared to show our True-Self to the world for fear of being admonished. You are afraid of being caught out of your role, out of your preferred way of behaving for your own self-benefit. We allow our fear to keep us from reaching through the darkness and shining our light brightly. You must be willing to admit and expose your darkness to yourself to let it go and release your True-Self from this self-imposed prison. Break the spell that you put on yourself and then create the world you want to see instead of continuing to let your False-Self rule your life.

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