Short and Sweet #83 – The Light Side

In you missed post #82 please read it before continuing. Last Friday I spoke about the Dark Side. In that post I said; “You must be willing to look at your dark side to let your light shine its brightest.” Is this true? Remember that whatever we put our attention on will increase. If we only focus on the darkness like what is wrong, then our suffering increases. What happens if we put our attention on what is right; can this simple act increase our happiness? I am not telling you to ignore what you believe to be true in your life. However, I must say in my life that what I thought was going on and what actually ended up happening was usually very different. Have you experienced this too?

If we begin to focus on what is right and explore the good in life we begin to see more of it. It reminds me of looking for a new car, one I had not thought of before. All of a sudden, I see them everywhere but before I had my attention on them, they were nowhere to be found.

With this new focus and attention, we begin to see opportunities that were not visible in the dark. We often find ourselves thinking that we know what is happening in our lives but how often have you looked back and realized that you did not have a clue. The lower mind, you know, the one that tells you what is going on lies to you all the time. Stop listening to this senseless chatter and take control of your thoughts, direct them towards the light; once you do, the darkness will begin to change right away. Tomorrow we will talk about applying these two sides of our being.

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