Short and Sweet #84 – Applying the Dark and Light Sides of Life

There is a difference between these two ways of the spiritual warrior. Dark and Light coexist for a reason and there is much to be learned from both. We must travel the road of least resistance and find balance between the two while we are on this planet. Darkness will not disappear just because we want it to, if that were the case if would have been gone by now. Realize that it is part of the fabric of this world, without darkness, we would not recognize the light.

We want to focus on the light to release the destructiveness of the dark, not destroy the dark. This is why exploring the dark side can be illuminating and demonstrates that darkness does have a positive aspect. When we choose this path, we must be careful because as helpful as it can be sometimes it can slow our progress. You may have found that it is easy to be lost or sidetracked in the dark while trying to find your way. We can become overwhelmed by all the darkness we see and fear can pull us away from our path. Use the light you see now as your primary focus, but be willing to go where your soul leads you.

Another thing to know is that we often think that we have to figure things out before we can let them go. This is not true and believing this means that you will have to hold on to whatever it is until you figure it out, instead of just letting it go. Not all darkness has value at the conscious level. When we travel the Light path, only the darkness that we need to see shows up. Do not think that you have to explore every dark aspect of yourself to awaken. I can assure you that this is an endless job if you take it on.

Remember as I said before, you only need to put your attention on the light to increase it. There are Light characteristics of people, friends or family that you know that you would like to embody. Start by picking one characteristic like being more kind, loving, generous or fun and then offer your light to the world. Start where you can and know that the Divine will protect and guide you along the way. When darkness shows up be open to what it has to teach you about yourself. Much of your darkness will just fall away without any interaction on your part on this path. Keep it simple for maximum results and stop your mind from trying to figure everything out. Just as important be open to what the Light Side teaches you and you will burn brighter and brighter each day. (Also see posts #82 & 83)

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