Short and Sweet #85 – The World You Want

Many feel sad about the circumstances of our world. They feel fearful about all the negative things they see. I do not need to list them because you already have a list ready to say aloud without me even asking, don’t you? I get it and I understand how you feel, it is easy to be drawn into all the drama. Sometimes you feel powerless and overwhelmed by it all. If you are someone who feels this way, then you also feel this way in your own life.

One common wish we all have is for peace in this world. I imagine it is at the top of your list. Let me ask you this question and I want to put some thought into it. I want you to listen to what your commonsense, intuition and higher guidance has to say to you about this question.

How can your outer world be at peace when your inner world is not at peace?

After having put some thought into this question could you see how different the world would be if we all had inner peace? You can take this question, reword it and apply it to every area of your life where you feel lack. If you want to feel more love in your life then you need to love yourself more. You must feel inwardly toward yourself what you feel is lacking in the world. Once you do, it will shine outwardly, be expressed into the world and then it will start coming back to you.

We are all connected, so any vibrational change that you make in your own life will help raise everyone’s vibration. You have experienced this yourself by being around someone who when you left you either felt uplifted and energized or depressed and exhausted. Don’t you want to be the person who uplifts your friends, family and the world around you? It is always your choice and we have to find the courage to be who we really are and let who we have become fall away. Be what you feel is missing in you; otherwise the world will not change.

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