Short and Sweet #86 – Divine Lessons

We often have to be corralled by the Universe to take our first steps toward awakening. This often means suffering for us, because we refuse to listen to the messages of the Divine. Furthermore, when we fail to listen, the messages become louder and louder creating more suffering until we begin listening.

We can learn from joy or suffering because there is something to learn from every experience. Although, it seems we get our greatest lessons from pain and suffering. We believe the only way out is through our suffering and because of this belief we often become more focused and clear about our intention to stop the suffering. If we don’t, we end up living in it for years and you probably know someone like this. Those with the courage make it through to the other side with a greater understanding and appreciation for life. They have something to share with the world from these Divine lessons.

We can avoid a lot of suffering, by recognizing what is happening. This means that instead of being swallowed up by our pain we begin looking for the opportunity afoot. Yes I said afoot, where did that come from, oh that is right the Divine. Everything comes from or through the Divine. Everything is an opportunity to move closer to your True-Self and strengthen your Divine connection.

We take our first step by being aware and then we follow-up each step with another until we get to the other side. Sometimes this will happen quickly and sometimes not; it takes what it takes this is not up to you. What is up to you is how you respond to what is happening and this can change everything for you. So remember the next time you wake up to your suffering begin looking for the opportunity. That is right sometimes we are asleep to our suffering and I know that you have experienced this before. Have you ever looked back at a job or relationship and said why did I stay in that for so long?

Once you do wake up to your suffering know that class has started and the teacher is offering you a life lesson. Will you take if willingly or resist it all the way to more suffering. We do not have control over everything that happens in life but we always have control of our inner well-being and with this in balance, you cannot be shaken. If you know who you are, then you know that you are not only the student but also the teacher. So pay attention because ultimately when push comes to shove you have not been listening.

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