Short and Sweet #87 – Earth School

Please know that the journey of Earth School is not for the faint at heart. Not only did you sign up to be here but also you are fully equipped for the journey or you would not be here now. Let go of your mind chatter that reinforces that you should not be here. Let go of the chatter that tells you that you are not capable of handling your life now. Let go of the thoughts that tell you this is scary or that are fearful. These are all lies! How do I know this? Because you are a Divine being, you are part of the creative energy of the universe and you are here now. There are no mistakes in this Divine creation. Only your mindless chatter tells you this and it is not true. Your soul knows this and you do to deep in your heart.

You do not remember making the choice to be here, but that does not mean you did not make it. Even if you did not or you think what I am saying is a lie you are here now and what is happening to you is happening. So wake up and remember that the world is conspiring in your favor not against you. Know that whatever difficulties you face throughout your life can be met with grace and you are always receiving guidance. If you cannot hear it then you have to let go of your fear or any thought that is blocking you from hearing this guidance. Listen to your thoughts and let go of anything that does not support what you want. Most if not all are lies!

You have always weathered your past suffering so why should this time be any different believe me it’s not. Let go and let God as they say. See that you cause your own suffering by thinking things are too difficult or they will never change. Can you recognize that this is never true from your experiences? I believe you can if you open your heart and look at life with your Divine eyes then all will be seen in the light of truth allowing you to release your darkness and fall into the arms of the Divine.

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