Short and Sweet #88 – The Little Things

We have all made mistakes or felt that we have failed someone in this life. Sometimes these failures haunt us for the rest of our lives. In reality, these only become failures when we let them haunt us, instead of using them to create a better future.

We have been conditioned to ignore the little things because we live in a world where only big things in life get our attention. We fail ourselves when we ignore all the little faults and failures in our own lives. We say they are not big enough to be important or call for our attention and we ignore them. We rationalize our actions by saying I don’t have time to take care of these little things when there are all these big world problems to be solved.

Too often in life, we think that ignorance is bliss and this is a big illusion that we play on ourselves. We then allow all the little things to pile up. This creates a life that one day we look back on and say how did I get here. We never imagined we would end up this way and usually the changes occur so slowly that we do not see them happen. Life is short and yes, there are some big problems out there, however, you cannot solve the big problems out there without solving the little problems in you. How do you do this? Well like anything else that you want to do you take one-step at a time. You already know of one thing that you want to change but you keep putting it off. If you are not going to start today then when, because your time is running out, ticktock.

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