Short and Sweet #89 – Your Two Sides

There are two sides to us and they go by many names. Today I am using the False-Self and the Real-Self. You know this is true because you have experienced them both in your life. It reminds me of the story about the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other. The devil is not real but you are divine.

Here are some examples of the differences and you can decide for yourself. The real-self is eternal; the false self is mortal. The real self has wisdom the false self, ignorance. The real-self is perfection; the false-self is conditioned by the outer world. The real-self is unlimited; the false-self is limited. The false-self has no existence, it is an illusion created by the mind and supported by our senses. When the soul leaves the body, the body will not exist, where is the false-self then?

The real-self knows it is free because it is the essence of freedom and this is why the false-self is always seeking freedom. From the time of birth, the false-self is being told no, and this is against what your real-self knows to be true. We are pulled back and forth between what we think is true from the false-self conditioning and what our soul knows to be true. When we can begin to see this and let go of the false-self we can realize our divinity here and now. You do not have to wait until death to rise above the false-self and realize your true nature.

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