Short and Sweet #90 – Energy

What does the word energy bring to mind when you hear it? It can have many different meanings for each of us depending on the situation and context. However, the one thing that we rarely think about is the fact that everything is energy. The universe and everything in it, is just one big bowl of energy broth. Our mind likes to separate each thing, label it and tell you that it is separate from you. This allows the doors of judgment to open up and we begin to compare the people, places and things that we see as separate from ourselves.

This is the illusion, because everything we see is part of the broth, all made from the same stuff. An example is just seeing ourselves as a human being made of up of bones, organs and tissue. This fills the mind with its need for problems and complexity. We overlook the simple because we are too preoccupied by the complex.

Everyone has experienced being connected to everything at one time or another. It can be experienced in joy for instance, seeing an incredible sunset or perhaps you met a friend that was depressed and you walked away feeling depressed. Think back I am sure that you can find some examples in your own life of feeling the oneness. Yet as soon as we step back into the illusion, it goes away. This does not have to happen as often if you are willing.

When we can let go of seeing things from the many and move toward oneness we open the door to awakening. When you simplify your view of life and how things work, you have greater clarity in seeing the truth and what is real. This does not happen overnight for most people, but involves personal inquiry, open-mindedness, a willingness and wish to find oneself behind the ever busyness of the mind.

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