Short and Sweet #96 – Suffering is Transformative

If you know that your suffering has transformed you, then you are blessed and awakening. Because if we do not transform out of our suffering we end up diving deeper into it becoming bitter, angry, feeling alone and in physical pain. Most of us know someone who was stuck in their suffering, and it is not a pleasant place to live. They end up transmitting this energy out into the world, which affects the collective energy field and us. We are all changed by this energy and that is why it is so important for us to use our suffering as it was intended, and that is to bring us closer to God.

I have experienced physical, mental and emotional suffering in my life for years so I know how deeply this can change you. If we do not transform our pain and suffering then it will transform us. We must begin to see in the midst of our suffering that it brings opportunity for transformation, because when we do, a major shift happens. We begin to suffer less, start healing and even awaken. This simple shift can put an end to our suffering forever.

God does not punish us or make us suffer; we do that all on our own. For many of us suffering is needed because it weakens the ego’s hold just enough so that we can see the True-Self. If we fight or resist our suffering then we are feeding it with our energy and making it stronger.

If you are not consumed by your suffering, then you have enough awareness to look back on your life and see the positive impact it had. Going forward you now have a tool to end your suffering. Change your perception about the suffering and see it as an opportunity to release the False-Self. The more you wake up to who you really are, the more you will realize that suffering does not have to play a part in your life. Moreover, if suffering does show up, it is only there to help and will show you what to release. Honoring this will allow you to let go of anything that keeps you from connecting with your True-Self. I will tell you a little secret, this is true for anything or anyone that shows up in your life and causes you to be fearful, angry or that you want to resist. See this other person or situation as your teacher, then look for the opportunity just as soon as you can. Then let go and learn something about yourself.

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