Short and Sweet #97 – There is Always a Solution

When difficult times come or you have a big decision to make, do not fret. We often feel overwhelmed in these situations for no reason. Our worry keeps us from hearing Divine guidance and leaves us feeling unsure or fearful. The mind creates a story that is not based in fact but conjecture. It may create various scenarios often with a negative downside, which continues the cycle of worry and indecision. This is not a time to spend precious moments up in the mind but to become quiet. You can still use the mind to compile pros and cons but worry has no benefit.

Divine guidance, our intuition and soulful inspiration will not usually be heard in the midst of turmoil. We spend hours in worrisome thought, losing sleep and potentially creating health issues or body pains, including migraines. When we look back at situations from the past, we can see that all the stories we thought could happen never do. How useful has worry been in the past for you? Did it change the outcome for the better or in any useful way?

When we fill our centered, grounded and peaceful tanks up on a daily basis, we have the reserves to draw on during difficult times. This is the reason for having some form of regular practice. If you cannot keep up a peaceful state without a practice then it is my belief that you need them until such time that you do not. If you cannot keep up your centeredness when things are OK what do think will happen when something goes wrong?

Make this a special time of the day for you to recharge and connect with the creative energy of the universe. Your mind will always find an excuse not to do your practice. What you have to decide is who is in charge, your mind or you. How important is it to you to have a more relaxed and peaceful life. Moreover, what are you willing to do to carry out this intention? I understand that you feel you do not have the time or that there are more important things to do.

Your mind will always tell you that there are more important things to do. However, is this true? For some I expect the answer will be yes because they have different priorities. However, for others like myself there is nothing more important. What are your priorities? When I take the time to do my practices, I have more to give and I receive so much. I am more creative, patient, relaxed, less prone to upset and illness. These are only a few of the benefits. There are many practices to bring about a more awakened state, find what works for you. Remember, no matter what is happening in your life there is always a solution so worry in never needed. Higher guidance is always available; are you in a state of listening or worrying?




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