Short and Sweet #99 – Reflection

Our lives move so quickly these days and the expectation is that we should make decision quickly too. Just because we increase the speed of information does not mean that we can increase the speed of decisions. In fact, we have gotten so use to only using our mind for decision-making we miss the higher guidance that is always available to us. With the loss of higher guidance, we see our choices as limited and lose sight of the infinite possibilities available to us in any given moment.

Perhaps you noticed more confusion around making decisions in your life or maybe the quality of your decision-making is poor. When we are drawn into the speed of the world without taking time for reflection, we miss this higher guidance. Quiet refection is important for every area of our lives; moreover, it plays a major role in making decisions that are for our highest good.

There really are no wrong decisions because we can learn from every choice we make, however when we follow higher guidance things flow more easily. Everyone has experienced this at one time or another, such as you decide to move and everything falls into place with little effort. Then there are those times when nothing seems to go right. This is usually because we are trying to force things to happen, moving too fast and following what our ego wants. We are resisting and refusing to take the time to listen to our higher guidance.

When we reconnect with the body on a deeper and more meaningful level the sound of this guidance increases, we awaken our awareness and begin to feel, look and listen to the inner world more than the ego and the outer world. From this reflective and self-aware place things slow down, higher guidance becomes your first choice instead of moving so fast and listening to the rambling of the mind and being guided by ego. What is your hurry anyway; life is not meant to be lived that way. We miss the beauty that is all around us when we move so quickly. Taking time for reflection is not a waste of time it will improve the quality of your life and well-being.


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