Short and Sweet #100 – One-Step at a Time

Well this seems like a proper title for my 100th post. I was not sure what would happen when I started consistently posting in January. Many things went through my mind as I made this intention and commitment. Of course, most of the thoughts were telling me the usual things that we can count on our minds to tell us, just like that unsupportive so-called friend. Unfortunately, you cannot stop seeing this one, however I am learning not to listen to its rhetoric and disengage with it when needed.

After fifty-seven years on this planet you would think I would have life wired by now, but there is more to this journey than that. However, by taking one-step at a time we can do anything if we make an unbending intention and do not give up or let ourselves be talked out it by our very own mind. When you get to be my age and look back at life you see just how quickly time passes and how much we miss by moving too fast, not paying attention and not being awake.

One-step at a time seems like a simple concept but we all know that some of the simplest things in life are the hardest to do. I now know that the only way I can help the world is to help myself first. That may seem selfish to some people but the truth is we have more to offer the ones we love when we take care of ourselves. You certainly cannot change anyone else; I mean really, we fight for peace, what a contradiction that is in this life.

I know that if you begin to be more aware of how you respond and react to life, the people around you and even to your own habitual actions, you can wake up from your slumbering. The key is to try, because we often do not even recognize that we have fallen into the rabbit hole. We are just going along thinking everything is normal until we get that wake-up call from the Divine. Aren’t those fun, if you have not had one just wait, because everyone gets to experience it at some point during our life. Moreover, if you are like me then you will get to enjoy several.

Of course, you do not have to wait for that to happen; you can proactively begin taking one-step at a time to awaken to your True-Self. I hope that you do because it is my vision to see peace in this world, of course that will not happen unless we awaken to our slumbering and begin to view the world differently than we do to today. We all know in our hearts where we need to start and I can only suggest that you do because only you can take that first step. Be assured that I am right there beside you with many more who have taken their first steps and one day together we will create our shared vision for the world.

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