Short and Sweet #101 – Passion and Purpose

Without passion and purpose in life, we often find it unfulfilling. Moreover, too many cannot see their passion and purpose. They believe their mind, which tells them a story about their life and they no longer look for anything different. They are convinced that nothing greater is possible, even though they see it happening to others all around them.

Then there are those who wonder what their purpose is, carrying out their day-to-day lives waiting for something, anything to show up. Many give up and settle with the way things are without seeing that they already have purpose in their lives. Purpose is not always helping thousands of people or changing the world. It does not have to be something huge; in fact, simple things can have great purpose behind them, like making someone smile or being more loving to those closes to you. Raising a family has tremendous purpose and can be very fulfilling for many.

Stop looking all around for your purpose and bring your vision back into your life. Maybe you have overlooked your purpose and it was right in front of you all along. You may have more than one purpose throughout your lifetime. Just stay open and let your struggle go, this will not help you find it. In fact, it will make it more difficult to see it. Sometimes in life, our purpose is self-inquiry and a time to let go of the past before we can move on. When we open up to divine guidance, stay awake and aware we are more likely to see the next step.

Finding passion in what we do opens the door to many gifts in our lives. For instance, more joy, happiness, love and many other uplifting and creative energies. Many feel they have to give up their passion for the responsibilities of life. This is more social conditioning that leads us down a path of unhappiness and we end up feeling that something is missing from our lives. One of the greatest gifts in life is passion. When we find it, time just seems to disappear. We feel joy, peace and so many other feelings we seek in life. When you find it, do not let it go and if you have, please pick it back up, you will not regret it. There is always a way to fulfill life’s responsibilities and our passion.

Passion and purpose are not the same thing but they often fit together nicely to create something remarkable. However, supporting yourself financially or creating something big should not be your reason for doing what you do. Yes, it may be possible and your destiny. However, remarkable does not always pay the bills or create something big, but it can have just as great an impact on the world. Sometimes what we do not see is greater than what we do see. So do not be deceived by your senses or thoughts. Follow your passion and purpose to becoming your greatest expression of who you are and not what you have been conditioned to think greatness is. Because in the end if you are not happy with your choices then does it really matter what anyone else thinks.

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