Short and Sweet #102 – Emotions

We have been conditioned to not deal with our emotions correctly. This conditioning is much stronger for men than women. However, I have noticed that many women also experience this issue. We have learned how to intellectualize our feelings and explain them away but not process them appropriately. How do you intellectualize or explain your emotions away?

In addition to fully feeling our emotions we need to learn how to experience them energetically. Our lack of ability to process emotions properly creates many issues in our body and health over time. Moreover, many world problems could be eliminated with a heart-centered society that knows how to experience their feelings without having to act on them.

Remember that emotions are energy. There is a natural tendency to throttle back our feeling of emotion out of self-protection. Many people fear that these feeling will be too overwhelming, so they resist. This happens unconsciously because of our lack of awareness. What we often experience is the pain and we do not process the energy of the emotion. When emotions are throttled back and not allowed to flow naturally a small amount of unprocessed energy is left in the body. This energy can accumulate and over time create health issues or behavioral problems that are not for our highest good. In addition, it can affect how we interact with other people and life in general.

Learning to manage our emotions from the heart heightens our awareness, which results in a new intelligence and view of life. Please understand, we need the intellect, but we cannot manage our emotions with it. You will be surprised by how many other benefits you receive once you begin to use the body for more than just a vehicle to carry you through life. Begin paying more attention to what you are feeling in your body and notice how emotions make it feel and not just intellectualizing or explaining your emotions away.


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