Short and Sweet #104 – Take God with You

We do not always get to do what we want in this life or have things just the way we want them. Sometimes we do not like the people we work with or perhaps the job itself. There is always someone gossiping about this or that at the church, maybe even about you. You do not like your neighbor’s behavior so living in your beautiful neighborhood or home has lost its charm. That’s a good start to an endless list of reason for us to be unhappy.

Now we can quit our job or move from the neighborhood but does that really solve our problems, maybe temporally until things change again. The only thing that guarantees your happiness is you. Why, because you are the only thing that you have control over.

When we take the Divine with us every day, we learn that what other people think and do does not have to disturb our happiness. With every action and thought we can pause and ask, is this how God would act or think. With this safeguard in place, we do not have to react to what others say or do, and if needed we can respond appropriately from a higher perspective. When we do respond instead of reacting, our energy has a positive effect on everyone around us.

Know that with awareness it only takes a second to think before saying or doing something that you might regret. Just as important is what is going through your mind because we can ruminate on anger and resentment, creating worry and stress for days, even years. As Dr Phil says, “How is that working for you?” Maybe it is time to try a different way. Remember the next time you feel wronged in some way, pause before you react, just for a second and ask yourself is this how God would respond. If need be leave your words and looks in check and make sure that you did not drop God off somewhere along the way.

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