Short and Sweet #106 – Challenges

We all face challenges in our life from the day we are born until the day we die. These challenges are not to make our life hard and they are certainly not a punishment from God. However, if we see them as hard or a punishment and we resist them, then yes life is hard.

Changing our perspective about what we think is a challenge changes the outcome and it can make the experience of the challenge easier. Now I realize that in the midst of something difficult we cannot always see what is happening, nor have the ability to stay centered. This is why it is important to have practices in your life that teach you and can keep you centered, balanced and feeling grounded. There are many practices that I have spoken about throughout this blog and still many more to help you do this, so I will not speak about them here.

What I do want to say is that I believe the challenges of life are given to us as an opportunity to learn and grow. To become closer to the Divine and ultimately help us uncover the True-Self and release the False-Self. These experiences help us appreciate and connect on a deeper level to life and those we love. They give us a richer experience that we would not have when left to our own devices.

Now this is not always easy to see in the moment, however most of us can look back and in hindsight see this is true. Unfortunately, sometimes we become stuck in life by these experiences and are not able to release the pain that we have associated with the experience. Know that no matter what experience you have had you are capable of releasing, forgiving, loving and finding your way out. You can heal your pain and experience life in a new way, if you are willing to let go of whatever you feel you need to hold on to freely. Life will never let you down, only you can feel that way by not understanding what is happening and taking the proper action. Begin the practices today that you resonate with to release whatever you need, so the next time you are faced with a new challenge; you can handle it with grace and a new understanding that this opportunity will make your life better.

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