Short and Sweet #107 – Slow Down

What are you looking for in this life? Where and what are you trying to get? Stop pushing and shoving your way through life, it will not get you there any faster. Where is there anyway; I can tell you for sure that you cannot get there, you can only be there. You are only pushing and shoving your way to the end of your human experience and you are missing everything in-between.

I wish that I had learned about slowing down and nurturing the soul when I was younger, but of course, life teaches us what we need to know when we are ready. Are you ready?

“It’s important to be heroic, ambitious, productive, efficient, creative, and progressive, but these qualities don’t necessarily nurture soul. The soul has different concerns, of equal value: downtime for reflection, conversation, and reverie; beauty that is captivating and pleasuring; relatedness to the environs and to people; and any animal’s rhythm of rest and activity.” – Thomas Moore

When we learn this balance, life takes on a different quality. Colors become sharper and brighter; we hear and see things that we once overlooked. Like the flower blooming next to our car or the birds singing outside the window. Slow down and take it in now, because this moment is the only one you have.

Oops see it’s gone and so too will your life if you do not slow down and find the balance in it. Oh, I know there is always an excuse. There is always another problem or thing that needs to be done. But here’s the thing, what is more important your peace of mind, your loved ones or is it just let me finish this and then I will be able to relax. How many times have you said that to yourself? Make the last time, the last time and stop, slow down and literally smell the roses because you may not be here tomorrow. Sorry for being blunt but the truth is often that.


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