Short and Sweet #108 – I Am Not Enough

At some point in your life, you have probably felt like you are not enough. That somehow you are failing your life, yourself or the people you love most. When these feelings of insecurity come over us, we usually retreat inwardly. We run from feeling our truth and the enormity of life. I say rejoice in the fact that you are seeing the light in that moment. You have laid down your story and tapped into truth. From here, you can begin awakening to your True-Self. I am not telling you this is going to be easy but I am saying that you have but one choice if you want to experience the real you. This human life is short so do not waste your valuable time.

When we step into our pain, fear, and suffering and show our vulnerability, grace shows up and guides us from the darkness into the light. More beauty is real in this transformation than anything you can see or do in this world. Do not succumb to your story once again, step into the truth of the here and now.

You never have to worry about your next step. You will know and feel that no matter what is happening everything is going to be OK. This is not wishful thinking on your part but something real that you can trust. Life is not about being perfect, happy or in love. It is about experiencing whatever comes your way and being the fullest expression of who you are. When we can step into the richness of life just as it is, then and only then can we experience the True-Self. From here, we can begin to understand the beauty of creation in whatever form ii takes in our lives. You will no longer suffer from your insecurities but embrace them and recognize the wise lessons that they bring.


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