Short and Sweet #109 – You Are Powerful

Too many times, we allow what we think about ourselves to dictate what we can and cannot do in this life. Even more importantly, we allow our past mistakes to guide our future self. The past has no power over the present moment and no power over you, unless you believe that it does. Once you believe what someone else says about you, you are stuck. If a doctor tells you that you will not get better, you won’t. If someone tells you that you are mean or unlovable you could go through your whole life believing this to be true. People are not mean to be mean. They are mean because they are hurting and everyone is loveable, those who feel differently are hurting and anyone who is hurting can heal.

Look around this world and tell me we are not powerful beings. Now look around this world and tell me why you think you are not powerful. Will you go back into your past and tell me a story about how bad things were? Will you tell me all the terrible things that happened that robbed you of your power?

Do not tell yourself that story anymore; it does not define who you are now. The past is gone it may have informed you; even shaped you in some way, but it does not dictate what you can do now or diminish the undeniable power that you have at your disposal. Let go of your story and all the reasons why you cannot do what you want. Tap into the powerful Divine being that you are and heal, create what you want in this life. Give up the excuses and just go for it, because now is the perfect time to find out just how powerful you are.


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