Short and Sweet #112 – What or Who Controls You

We are often not aware of why we do what we do because we sometimes run on autopilot. If we are not aware of why we are doing something, who is in control? Furthermore have you ever reacted to what someone did only to later wonder why you reacted the way you did? Who was in control then? Are you always conscious of your reactions and know why you said what you did or why you took a particular action?

Many would say that God is in control, except of course when something bad happens and then it is the Devil. Do you believe that there is a Devil and a God? Whatever you believe that is up to you and very personal. I am OK with whatever you believe. Whether you believe in God, the Devil or something else does not determine what kind of world we live in, it is determined by our actions. True our beliefs can inform our actions but ultimately our actions speak for themselves.

Who controls your actions? Another good question and most of us would say that each one of us is in control of his or her actions. I would agree with this except when we are on autopilot. How different would the world be if we each just paid a little more attention to our thoughts, words and actions? I believe it would be drastically different and this is where the real work begins when we start self-inquiry. Locating the programs that run on autopilot and upgrading them like you would the software on your computer.

When we let go of our past programs we can step into the present moment. Once we do, the past can no longer control us and our autopilot is turned off for good. We can then make a conscious choice in the moment that is for our highest good and everyone else on the planet.


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