Short and Sweet #115 – Feeling Whole

Too many of us feel like something is missing in our lives. We think that if we can just get what they have, we will feel whole. However, many of the people who have all the things we want also feel the way we do. What does this tell you? No matter how much stuff or money you have it will not make you happy or make you feel whole. We know even when we ask how someone is doing and they say great that many times this is not true. How do we know this, because we have said it ourselves when things were not good.

Moving toward feeling whole requires releasing the idea that we need to get something to feel that way. In reality, it is not about getting something at all because you already have it. You have forgotten what feeling whole feels like and continue to look for that next thing that will make you feel that way. Regardless of what you get, like a new relationship, house, job or more money, it will not make you feel whole. Therefore, the first thing to do is let go of the belief that you are not whole.

Doing this is the same for everyone and requires that you to develop your awareness to what you are thinking and doing. Being more conscious in your choices when you go to buy something is an easy way to start. The next time you go shopping for anything; do not make an emotional or unconscious purchase. Do you really need what you are buying? How does this purchase make you feel? Do you get an emotional upswing only to be let down a few hours later? Buying anything should be done consciously. If you are trying to make yourself feel better or buying unconsciously then the False-Self is in control. You will never find your wholeness by looking through the eyes of the False-Self. Nothing you do outside yourself will make you feel whole and is only temporary.

True wholeness is not a feeling; it is a state of being and your birthright. Everyone on this planet no matter their circumstance can feel whole because this is our natural state. Do not let the False-Self, your programming talk you out of this truth. Prove it to yourself by being aware and conscious in your choices over the next few days and uncover the wholeness that resides in all of us.

Once last note for those who believe in oneness, if we are all one and part of God, the creative energy of the universe then how can we not be whole.


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