Short and Sweet #118 – Mind and Ego = ME = False Self

Do not be fooled by your thoughts into believing that the body you inhabit is your True-Self. We need the ego, mind and body for this human experience. In fact, the body is one of our greatest spiritual teachers. However, they are only tools to be used during our time here.

If we do not question our thoughts and beliefs, we will be lulled into believing what they tell us. We then make decisions based on this false guidance. Do not take my word for it; prove it to yourself by beginning to listen to your thoughts, question your beliefs and begin to see the truth unravel before your eyes.

I do not need to be psychic to know that you have suffered in your life because of your thoughts, perceptions and beliefs about something or someone. Our beliefs and conditioning are so deeply rooted that it can be hard to break away from the False-Self. Without awareness and awakening from the lower vibration of the human form, we are destined to continue to suffer.

It is only when we are trapped by the ego and mind that we feel justified in our suffering. We point outwardly to the problem; it is something or someone else’s fault. However, the real problem lies within us because of our beliefs, perceptions and the thoughts that arise from our conditioned and distorted view of life. When we let go of these false views we see that our suffering was in vain.

The next time you find yourself suffering, begin to see it as an opportunity to let go of your false views. Know that your suffering is not a waste of time and use it for your highest good. It is telling you that you are seeing things through the eyes of the False-Self, it is a wake-up call.

You do not have to allow the mind and ego free reign over your life. You can release the False-Self and uncover your True-Self without suffering by bringing your awareness into the present. Recognize that your suffering is a signal to come back to your True-Self and know that with it your suffering will end. You now have a useful indicator and with practice you can eliminate suffering from your life. In the meantime, you can shorten the duration of your suffering by using your awareness ending the rein of the mind and ego over your life.


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