Short and Sweet #120 – What’s UP With Prayer

Many intentionally use the power of prayer to change their lives. However, do you realize that everyone on the planet prays? Yes, I said everyone; this even includes people who do not believe in God.

Prayer is a dialog with God and this dialog is an exchange of energy. Now if you have read my blog you know that God is the creative energy of the universe. When we look at what makes up everything in the universe we know that it is energy. Our thoughts are energy and that energy has the power to create. Did you ever consider your thoughts to be a prayer?

A prayer is not just a verbal dialog with God, but it can also be an energetic dialog through our thoughts. If we are not paying attention and we have a repetitive thought, it can become a prayer. If this thought is negative, it can manifest just as easily as a positive one. Please note I said repetitive, I am not saying every thought we have will manifest into your life, obviously that does not happen. Nor is every prayer answered in the way that we THINK we NEED or WANT. What I am saying is to begin noticing what you say to yourself . Of course, this requires developing awareness to your unconscious thoughts and then reframing them.

If your prayers seem to go unanswered, do not blame God. God is not the problem. Instead, look within and notice what you feel around your specific prayer. Is there fear or uncertainty? Are you asking for just what you want or what you really need? Is there a clear intention behind your prayer and have you let go of attachment to the outcome? Many will pray outwardly for one thing while believing inwardly that it will never happen. These are conflicting energies and create confusion for creating what you want.

It is important to strip away the layers of social conditioning, false beliefs and inner fears to connect fully with the creative energy of the universe. This is because prayer is not a substitute for our inner work, but it can be a positive tool for connecting to the heart of creation. Whether it is using a specific prayer or just having a normal conversation with the Divine does not matter. What matters is your faith in creation to respond in a way that is for your highest good, then accepting the outcome with gratitude, even when your prayer is not answered in the way that you want. We do not always see the beauty in what shows up until we let go of our resistance to what is.


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