Short and Sweet #121 – Freedom

I am posting this on July 4, 2014. What better time to talk about freedom than the Fourth of July. However, I am not talking about our outward freedoms. I am talking about the greatest freedom you can have and once you have it, it cannot be taken away like other freedoms. Do not be fooled no matter where you live anything that resides outside you can be taken away instantly from personal freedoms to your very own life. The freedom I am talking about is an inner knowing and connectedness to who you really are. That journey of awakening begins by developing your awareness.

I know I talk a lot about awareness, but it truly is the key to awakening, living a more centered, and peaceful life. We all know at the soul level that without our inner work, we are destined to suffer in our personal lives and that leads to world suffering. The Gospel of Thomas says it clearly:

“What you bring forth out of yourself from the inside will save you. What you do not bring forth out of yourself from the inside will destroy you.”

Discovering who you really are is not a quick fix. It is a journey and one that will change you daily when practiced consistently with intention. There are many helpful practices to develop our awareness. I have written about several in earlier posts. I will not mention more here, however if this interest you then I suggest beginning with Short and Sweet #1. Read a post a day and contemplate what it means to you. Put into practice any exercises that you resonate with and stay open to your intuition and aware in your life for higher guidance.

I will not tell you that walking on this path is always easy. However, one day you will recognize that it is a lot easier than continuing without awakening. You may not see this now, but in time, it will be revealed to you. For now, all that is required is faith and standing on the shoulders of those that preceded you. With so many who have successfully traveled this path before you, it is easy to have faith that you too can make progress. As each new day arrives, recommit to your intention and desire to awaken, continue your inner journey by staying aware and life will never be the same again.


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