Short and Sweet #122 – Intelligence

The first choice for many people when navigating this world is their intelligence. From this linear perspective, we see and live a limited life. Limited by our intelligence and by what we believe is possible. When our life feels limited, it is often because we are confined by our intelligence to the physical world.

However, there is a state higher than the intelligence can comprehend, higher than the physical plane. Once we glimpse this state, we can see that life is not limited at all. The challenge is letting go of what we think we know to be true and to understand that we do not understand. Once we believe that the only way to experience life is through our intelligence our view of creation becomes smaller. We have a need to understand before we can accept something new as true and then we grow rigid in what we know to be true and seeing anything else is often impossible.

All things in life have value including intelligence, however when we ignore higher states of awareness fear steps in and begins to control our life. Once fear enters in we will do anything to protect what we believe is true. This only creates verbal, emotional and physical abuse to anyone who believes differently than we do. We see this played out constantly in our everyday lives and around the world.

The truth is there is nothing to fear, however our intelligence tells us otherwise. Then we become trapped just like a dog chasing its tail. We can only see what is right in front of us and that is only part of a greater field of possibility.

Too much time is spent in developing the mind and not the heart. How can we be compassionate when we only believe in the power of our intelligence and not the power of the heart. Peace will come into your life and the world when we give the power of the mind back to the heart and let the True-Self guide us once again.


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