Short and Sweet #123 – The Power of Pain

I have experienced years of physical and emotional pain, something I do not wish on anyone. However, I know we all have pain and everyone tries to avoid it and not embrace its transformational power. We have resistance to feeling pain, which is part of our survival instinct. However, because of social conditioning to avoid pain, we have been taught that it has no value, that it is only a problem.

It is my experience this is far from the truth and that it has enormous value. Pain will guide you to healing and teach you how to let go, which strengthens your awareness to the Divine and leads you back to your True-Self.

Whether you know it or not you have pain in your body now that you are ignoring or not feeling. In addition, you have painful emotions that you stuffed down because you did not want to deal with them or you were not equipped to deal with them. In addition, many of us were made fun of or embarrassed as a child, which affected who we became as an adult. Had we known how to deal with this pain then our life would be different now. Yet we have the ability at anytime to use our pain to heal these wounds of the past and use our present pain to shift our current reality.

If you are refusing to deal with your pain, do not be surprised if you wake up with an illness or some other chronic problem because of not dealing with it. Do not ignore Divine communication in the form of pain because one day you will wake up and wonder how life became so hard. Many people suffer in life not because of their circumstances, although it may look that way from the outside but because they believe there are no other choices. There resistance to dealing with their pain blocks the view of all other choices.

We carry our emotional pain for so long that we do not see the correlation between it and our current situation. Physical pain is assumed to be caused by a new event or often shrugged off as part of aging and then we are forced to give up the things we love to do. We assume there is nothing that can be done because this is what we are told. Once we believe what we are told as the truth there are no other possibilities available to us. We must keep our faith; stay open to possibility and the transformational power of our pain if we want something different.

Stop seeing your pain as your enemy and partner with it. Realize that if you follow its higher guidance you will heal on many levels allowing the unfoldment of your True-Self.


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