Short and Sweet #125 – Making The Best Of Today

We all end up in situations that we wish were different during our lifetime. However, the act of wishing things to be different can create suffering. There is a natural flow to life, recognizing this truth in our lives can greatly reduce our suffering and may even end it.

The wise person accepts everything that shows up in their life knowing that nothing is permanent. When we put all of our attention on what is wrong we will fail to see the opportunities that the Divine presents us. Looking back, we can see the vicissitudes throughout our life. Recognizing this natural rise and fall of things gives us proof of this truth; we can then avoid suffering in the moment knowing that whatever is happening is temporary.

We can then collaborate with the creative energy of the universe to manifest something different by taking our attention off what is wrong and focusing on what is right. Too often, we are stuck in our suffering and this becomes all we can see. By not focusing on what is different, we give our energy over the very thing that we do not want in our lives. This transfer of energy increases its strength, which make us feel that things will never change. For some, this can be very destructive because they feel their lives are not worth living anymore.

Do not let your thoughts take you down this illusionary path by telling you that there is no way out or that things will never change because this is a lie. Things always change, however if we continue to put all our energy towards what we do not want we will not be able to see this. Then what is false becomes our truth and we can no longer consciously interact with the field of infinite possibilities, therefore our creative energy becomes sick in suffering. Our thoughts continue to create what we do not want and we continue to spiral down.

Turning this around is always possible no matter the difficulty. However, you must stay on the path of self-discovery and be willing to uncover the True-Self. If you are, then you will learn that the rise and fall of things does not have to change the moments of your life. You will know that you are more than the praise or blame that comes your way. You will become the balance point between the moments of your life receiving all that the Divine freely offers.


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