Short and Sweet #128 – Discovering The True-Self

Your False-Self was created, however your True-Self can never be created it must be awakened. It is our natural state to be one with creation, one with God. With faith, patience and a sincere desire you cannot fail to uncover your True-Self. This is who you really are, not who you have become. Too often we fail to see this and we mistake our circumstances or the things we believe about ourselves to be our True-Self. In reality, this is the False-Self and we become lost in this created persona.

Discovering the True-Self is your salvation, it will release you from your attachment to suffering during your human experience. The more that we connect with the True-Self the more we realize just how conditioned we have become. This allows us to know the truth of things without thought; we feel it with every fiber of our existence.

We begin reconnecting with the True-Self in many ways; however, one of the most important things is to be vigilant with our awareness. By paying attention to our thoughts and actions, we can begin to unravel the False-Self. This is where patience comes in so that we do not allow the False-Self to step in a takeover again by giving up. It will create roadblocks, tell you that what you are doing is not working, create pain and do whatever it can to stay in control. It is up to you to watch out for this trickery and trust your Divine guidance in this situation. You will not always notice these deceptions right away and that is OK. Just remember to put yourself back on the path each time you find that the False-Self has tricked you. Over time, you will see these tricks for what they are in the moment and no longer be deceived.

Wanting to uncover your True-Self with all your heart is not just a feeling but it opens a door and allows your heart energy to assist you in your endeavors. Again do not worry, whatever comes up you will be able to handle and there will always be help from the Divine. Use and trust in your patience, awareness, intuition and higher guidance. Does the bird fear his or her first flight from the nest or does it have an innate knowing and jump in faith. We have an innate desire to uncover the True-Self, you only need to let go in faith and the rest will take care of itself.


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