Short and Sweet #133 – You Are A Good Person

It is important for me to tell you today that you are a good person. Do not forget this very important truth. No matter what you have done, you are a good person. The False-Self will tell you otherwise, so do not listen to these stories, because you are a good person. We do not need to learn compassion because we are compassionate. We do not need to learn to be loving because we are loving. The True-Self does not need to teach us any of these things because it already is these things. We do not need to learn to be happy because we are happy. This is why you are a good person, because the very foundation of who you are is a good person.

You may not feel this way all the time because you have listened to the False-Self, which tells you that you are not a good person because of your mistakes. However, all these things are at the very core of who you are because God is loving, patient, kind, forgiving… are you not made in the image of God?

Even if you have killed someone, you are a good person. Why, because your true nature is that of a good person. We can all be lead down the wrong path by the False-Self. In fact, we have more than once, maybe we did not kill someone but we have all made mistakes; we have all hurt someone else in this life.

If we do not learn from our mistakes then we keep making them, but this does not make us a bad person. There is no such thing as a bad person because we are all one with creation. We are all good at our core, no matter what we have done we can re-connect with our True-Self. We can release whatever we have become to uncover the True-Self and to live our lives as who we are a good person. Remember to recognize when you do something that makes you feel less than who you really are and then remind yourself that YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON. Learn from your mistakes and make a better choice the next time. This will allow you to let go of the False-Self and uncover a little more of the True-Self as you continue your journey of awakening.


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