Short and Sweet #134 – Getting to Know your Body

Do you really know what your body does or what it is capable of doing? I am not talking about its physical capabilities. It has so much more to offer us than that. The truth is, as much as we think we know about our body we know very little.

For instance, did you know that your body stores information in the form of energy about your emotional and physical experiences? Did you know that this energy can be accessed and released allowing you to let go of trauma and emotion? Did you know that this energy influences how you interact with the world and everyone around you? Did you know that it is possible to release this held energy without knowing what it pertains to specifically or having to figure anything out about it? Did you know that once these energies are released that it will change how you interact with life? Do you know that you can release the fear that is holding you back in life or making you anxious? Do you know that you can release repressed emotions that still affect the choices you make in life? Do you know that the very things you thought was resolved or released may still be stuck in your body and influencing your choices and behaviors?

There are so many things that you think you do not have control over that can be shifted just by getting to know your body better. I have spent the last 28 years exploring the depths of my body with many modalities most notably deep transformational bodywork.

In my personal life, my sobriety, increase in personal empowerment, the release of fear and anger can all be contributed to this type of work. The shift in my emotional state has allowed me to become more present, caring, loving and focused in my life. These are just a few of the many benefits that I have experienced. In addition to my personal experiences, I have seen this and many other similar things happen with my clients since 1988. The amazing thing is that the letting go process never stops as long as you continue to connect and learn from your body at this deep level.

Why am I telling you this, because it is time that we all begin to wake up to the power of the body and how it can facilitate our growth both personally and spiritually. We must stop taking our bodies’ for granted and only see them as a vehicle for our human journey. We must realize how important and integral they are to our growth as human beings and our connection to the Divine. We must stop beating them up by our over indulgences and choices in food, alcohol and drugs. Getting to know our body and the body of mother earth is vitally important for our continued evolution and survival.


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