Short and Sweet #135 – The Quick Fix

I use to attract clients that wanted the quick fix. Of course, it is possible to heal instantly, in fact, I had a client who was scheduled for knee surgery and in ten minutes his pain was gone and the surgery was not needed. However, this is not common yet and some people need to experience what they are going through for other healing reasons that may not be clear to them or us in the moment.

When something happens in our lives that we do not like or want to happen we must realize that there is always an opportunity that comes with it. We may not always see it right away because we are too focused on the problem and not looking for the opportunity. You may be wondering how something we perceive to be bad can offer us opportunity? All you have to do is look back at your life or the lives of people you know and you will find examples of this taking place. You can even look at historical events, which will show you the same thing. Looking closely will show them, because they are always there.

When we only look for the quick fix, we miss seeing these opportunities for growth and positive change in our lives. We overlook the gift that comes with our problems and we suffer more. Even what we perceive to be bad or negative brings something positive with it. Many times it is our perception about what is happening that keeps us from seeing this or looking for the positive. When we do, not only will we find it but often times this attitude helps us heal quicker, with less pain and suffering.

I believe that everything that comes into our lives has a positive side to it, which we can see if we are paying attention.  In addition, it offers us the opportunity to grow, particularly those things that are the most difficult for us to deal with. When we shift our perception toward the opportunity, everything changes for us. We have just participated in creating our healing by this change of perception and attitude. It completely shifts the flow of energy, reduces or eliminates suffering and creates a positive environment for healing to take place.

The next time you find yourself looking for the quick fix or just wanting things to be different, take a moment to shift your perception and attitude toward the opportunities that are available to you. If you do not see any, keep looking and know with one-hundred percent certainty that they are there. It may take some practice but in the end, your life will be the better for it and so will the world.


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