Short and Sweet #136 – Some Truth About Suffering

Most of our suffering is a reflection of the outer world turned inward and it is not natural for us to suffer. We impose it on ourselves based not on what we see or feel but our perceptions about what we see and feel. Suffering also arises when we feel we have lost control. Please do not mistake your suffering for an expression of your compassion and love because compassion and love heal. Know that suffering does not heal it causes pain. In fact, the energy of our suffering reinforces the energetic strength of the very thing that caused us to suffer in the first place. Therefore, we are not helping heal the world or ourselves by suffering, we are feeding the very problem that makes us suffer.

Release your suffering into the understanding that tragedy brings great change when acted on with awareness. It is only when we look with an open heart that we will see and know this truth. Once we do, the door of possibility opens wide for creating what we want instead of being stuck in what we do not want. In great tragedy comes great opportunity because of how the creative energy of the universe works. By understanding this law of creation and looking for it, we send energy out to create something new instead of sending it back to strengthen that which we do not want.

You will never stop the tragic events of this world by suffering through them. You must release your suffering first by recognizing that you are not helping to stop what is happening by suffering. Know that this is something you do have control over and it is a choice.

Then begin looking for the opportunities that the creative energy of the universe presents you. At first, it may not seem like it will help the situation particularly when it is happening halfway around the world. However, this is the False-Self keeping you trapped in your suffering. Follow your higher guidance knowing that however you shift your energy in a positive way or raise your vibration, you will be helping everyone on this planet not just yourself.

No matter how trivial your efforts seem know that the impact you have is greater than you know. Building on your previous efforts will exponentially increase the impact over time and then one day we will wake up to the world we want and end all the needless suffering.


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