Short and Sweet #141 – Focus On What Is Different

Too often, our attention remains only on what is wrong in this world and in our lives. Over time, this becomes our view and we wonder if things will ever change. We forget that we live in a universe that is in constant change and we stop looking for this change. From this place, we no longer see what is different, what has changed and what is changing. We begin to feel that things are dull or boring, even hopeless and we perceive this as our normal state.

Simply put everything in this universe is made of energy, from the car you drive, the body you inhabit and the stars above. When all of our attention is focused on what is wrong our energy feeds this pattern, the wrongness. Therefore, we our energetically strengthening the very thing we do not want in our life.

If you want your life to be different then it is important to focus on what you want instead of what you do not want. This does not mean you ignore what is present in your life; however, it is helpful to shift your focus and energy towards what you want. Focusing only on what is wrong makes you feel more hopeless and anchors it more deeply into your life.

How do you begin to make this shift when things are turned completely upside down in your life? On the other hand, how about when things are going well and life seems to flow with ease, perhaps you have become complacent on your journey without even knowing it. No matter where your life is, you begin this shift by noticing what is different, no matter how subtle. Notice I did not say better, but different. This is an important distinction because change and growth is not always pain free because of our own resistance to it. When we begin to see what is different we recognize that things are changing. This begins to bring hope back into our lives once again and this energy feeds our desire for something different to occur. With the right intention different will always lead to better with patience and persistence.

In the end, you are the only one who can look for what is different in your body, life and the world. It is always there however, you are free not to see it and continue to focus on what is wrong. This is a moment-by-moment choice sometimes. What will choose today, tomorrow or even this very moment?

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