Short and Sweet #142 – Ferguson Missouri Healing Or Horror

When you look out into the world what do you see? Remember that what you see may not be the truth because it can be filtered through the lens of your past. With every tragedy, there is the horror of what just happened and the reality of dealing with the aftermath for those involved. What we need to remember is that the seed for healing is in every tragedy. We can choose to water the seed or stay stuck in our anger, fear and other emotions that lead us away from healing and towards the very thing we dislike.

Remember that whatever we feel or see is an expression of the world in its entirety. It may be expressed outwardly in different ways but the underlying suffering and outer reactions remain the same. It does not matter if it is in Ferguson or somewhere halfway around the world. No matter what our skin color, religion, country of origin or personal beliefs are we all have a responsibility to come from love, not hate. To reach out from the heart to those in pain and be present for them so they can have time to heal. Using violence to make ourselves feel better temporarily will not change our suffering and it will not change the outer world. As we have seen, violence begets violence and this does not heal but energetically feeds the very thing that we detest. There will always be someone who disagrees with us or who cannot see things in the way that we do. However, this is not an excuse to leave our heart at home, nor is it permission to use our anger and hate against anyone else in this world.

Healing in Ferguson or any place in this world will only take place when we have the courage to look deeply within and heal ourselves first. It is an inside out job, not an outside in job. This means you will never feel completely peaceful, happy, centered or healed unless you have the courage to look within first. When enough of us around the world have done this then the outer world will change. We will then treat ourselves differently and the people around us no matter what they believe. People will be heard and appreciated for who they are instead of being judged for what they say, do or believe. When we live from a heart centered place instead of a mind/ego centered place we can be present, which will allow others to heal and awaken. It is only from this place that anger, hatred and violence will dissolve.

Furthermore, if you cannot do this within yourself first, then how can you expect anyone else to change? I can tell you that hate, anger, lashing out, fighting will not change anything because if that worked things would be very different than they are today. Therefore, I ask do you have the courage? Are you willing to look within to change the outer world and leave this place better than it was when you got here? The world will not lose its hunger for horror until we lose ours.


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