Short and Sweet #143– Spiritual Superiority Shatters Earthly Inferiority

When we live life from this truth things become much easier because we know that no matter what is happening in our lives everything will be OK. Now this is not just a lofty ideal or something to aspire to and never attain. It is very real, part of our true nature and can change your life and the world.

Unfortunately, we often get in our own way or we choose the earthly way over the spiritual way. There are many reasons for this, however I believe social conditioning plays a major role for making the earthly choice first. We are conditioned from birth to behave and even believe in certain things. As we grow up, we act from these beliefs without even knowing why or investigating them. Have you ever questioned any of your beliefs or asked yourself why you respond to certain people’s behavior in the way that you do? Do you just say it is their fault or they are stupid, immature or wrong? You may find that your beliefs are not rooted in truth but conditioning. With investigation, you may find that you do not believe them anymore, know where they came from or why you had them in the first place.

Start by paying attention to how you think and act in this life. Then contemplate these feeling, actions and thoughts. Do not point to something or someone outside yourself, look inward. Ask why you took that action or why you are feeling the way you are and notice the thoughts you are having at that moment. Call upon your True-Self to guide you and not acting from the False-Self or allow your unconscious beliefs to guide your every move.

Remember the title, spiritual superiority shatters earthly inferiority. This is important and goes to the foundation of all our problems. When we lose touch with who we really are and only live our lives for our earthly identity, we live through our flaws and conditioning. However, when we can connect with the True-Self and stay in touch with this higher guidance we will feel safe and secure knowing that all will be well no matter what happens.

We can all look back on our lives and see that we have survived everything that has happened to us to this point. We even survived those times and events when we thought we would not. In addition, something even more powerful happened going through those events when we were open to the teaching of the Divine, we came out the other side a better person, a stronger person and a more spiritual person. So do not fear what you cannot control, embrace it. Know that you will be OK and be open to whatever lesson comes with the experience because you will be better for it.


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