Short and Sweet #144 – The Vehicle For Spirit

The physical form is the vehicle for spirit to experience itself. It communicates guides and teaches us along our spiritual path, although this information is often overlooked. We fail to realize the value that it brings to us outside of its known or common uses. We treat it as something to be used instead of something to be partnered with on this journey. We expect it to perform and function perfectly no matter what we do to it. We abuse it constantly with are lack of awareness and this takes its toll over time leaving us wondering why we are in pain, sick or tired. We become disillusioned and even more disconnected over time because we think that if I ignore the signs they will go away.

Once we begin to listen to the body and treat it as we would a loving partner a major shift takes place. Not only will we take better care of the body but it will also take better care of us. We will rethink what we put into our body and how we treat it; in turn, the body will communicate what it likes and dislikes. This allows us over time to fine tune our diets and exercise routines to receive optimum performance by our body. Of course, you may already be aware of this level of communication although I will say that no matter how much you think you are listening to your body you can always develop a deeper level of communication. If you think you have arrived, you are just fooling yourself or perhaps I should say that your conditioning and patterns are fooling you.

There are many other ways that we receive information through the body. Our emotions, energetically, intuition is felt through the body. What ways can you think of that your body communicates with you? Are you paying attention to those messages?

The body is the conduit for the soul and spirit connection and is in direct communication with the Divine. You can develop this connection by releasing non-functional patterns and conditioning that our held in the body. Avenues for facilitating this kind of healing are deep transformational bodywork, energy work, yoga, nature, meditation and many other holistic modalities. Find what works for you but be willing to try new things as your body guides you to them. Be awake and aware as you listen more intently to the spiritual guidance that your body offers and your life will never be the same again.


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