Short and Sweet #146 – The Complexity In Life

If you want to continue traveling down the hard road then keep looking for the complexity in life. We like complexity and would rather take a million steps to get somewhere than just one. When you hear that it is simple, you say I already know that and you fail to hear the truth in the simple ways. Do you see in your own life that the simplest things are the most important? Look closely, otherwise you will overlook this truth.

If you do then why do you try to make everything so complex? Why do you think that it has to be so hard? This is your mind and conditioning telling you that things are too difficult to understand. The mind will tell you that the only way to let something go is to figure it out first, to understand it. In addition, at the same time it tells you that it is difficult and complex to understand life.

When you think you have to figure something out before you can let it go know that you cannot let it go until you figure it out. Here is your choice, hold onto it until you figure it out, which by the way may never happen or just let it go. Yes, it is that simple. Trust that if you are meant to know something it will come, without effort on your part. Know that it will be revealed to you in a way that you can understand; a way without complexity and if nothing comes then there is nothing you need to know.

Complexity is not the way to awakening; it will only lead you to more suffering and keep you stuck where you are in life. The truth is that all we need to know we already know we just do not put it into practice because it seems too simple. You think it cannot possibly work if it is that simple. I can tell you with certainty you will never find your way out through the maze of complexity. So please pay close attention the next time you hear something that seems too simple to work because it may just change your life. For instance, you do not have to know or understand something to let it go and move on in your life.


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