Short and Sweet #148– Do YOU Need To Change

Do we really need to change in order for things to get better or is this part of the illusion? Personally, I do not believe that we need to change. I am sure many would disagree with this statement. If something already exists, do we need to change to experience it or do we just need to remember or rediscover it again. When we change our clothes, we look different on the outside but on the inside, we are still the same. Who you have become is what people see on the outside, but this is not who you really are. If you let go of your outside, the façade just like taking your clothes off then and only then will you expose your True-Self.

Is letting go change, you may think so, we even say I am going to change my clothes, however there is a difference because you cannot change the changeless. Do you see the qualities of the Divine as changing or permanent? If you see them as changing then you will disagree with me. When you perceive that something is wrong with you or someone else then you are looking at the False-Self through the eyes of the False-Self. Therefore, you will only see what it sees and you will stay stuck.

We must keep our awareness on the Divine this is what matters. Not only within but we must notice it in everyone. Why because we are all part of the divine and this is who we are, this is our True-Self. When we make a judgment about someone, we are judging him or her through the False-Self. If we continue to act through these filters then we are living in the illusion and not seeing things clearly.

The oneness of the world is only seen through the eyes of the True-Self. Just like in the movie, the Matrix do you want to take the blue pill or the red pill. The choice is yours in each moment of everyday. Therefore, you see it is not about change it is about choice. The choice to pay attention, be aware and live from the True-Self. It is always available to you and you have experienced it in this life. You have seen it in the eyes of a baby; it has caressed you in the arms of love and dowsed you in the sunlight. You just allowed the False-Self to tell you otherwise and fell back into the arms of illusion, instead of the Divine and the True-Self.


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