Short and Sweet #149 –Chasing The Tail

Have you ever been surprised when science disproves something that they had already told us was true? When personal objectives are involved not even science always leads to the truth. If science is not always right then why do we blindly follow our own thoughts and beliefs as being one-hundred percent true? We all have personal objectives and some of these are covert coming from our subconscious and the False-Self.

The False-Self is leading us astray and further from our True-Self. Working in a very convert way we are unable to see the truth if we do not pay attention and question our motives. Like a dog chasing its tail we think what we want is just insight but the False-Self has tricked us into thinking that what we want is outside us. We run towards it but just as we get close, it disappears only to pop up again in another form or we grasp it and find it does not hold our happiness. This cycle continues and before we know it years, even decades have gone by and we wonder what happened. How did we end up here, we ask. The truth is we never end up anywhere without our complete involvement. We say, but I never intended to end up here. However, the False-Self has led us all along and we just were not paying attention.

We begin losing sight of the True-Self at birth. This disconnection from the Divine allows the False-Self to gain more control over us and in time, we only see what it wants us to see. In addition, do not confuse your religious conviction with your connection to the Divine. These are not the same, if they were you would not be guided by the False-Self with your strong convictions. Moreover, you would be more conscious of the False-Self. The Church can guide you back to the Divine but it is not a substitute for your own personal experiences with God. This is why it does not matter your religion because it is only a guide and does not reveal your True-Self only you can do that. The False-Self will tell you otherwise and make you think that your beliefs are correct so you continue to chase the proverbial tail.

Remember to question your beliefs, religious dogma and pay attention to your actions because it is only when we are in the present moment that we can fully experience the Divine. It is only when we are in the present moment that the False-Self is at rest and we can finally be our True-Self.


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