Short and Sweet #150 – The World of Opposites

There is a common saying that opposites attract. This is often said about relationships; however, it is greater than that because we live in a world of opposites. When we embrace this, life becomes easier. Everything in this life is distinguished by its opposite. For example, without pain, we would not know joy and when we experience great pain, we have the opportunity to experience even greater joy in our life. Think about this truth and how it has influenced your life.

Too often, we ignore what we perceive to be bad, ugly, difficult or hard. We think that we should not have to experience or see these things. However, life itself is duality and once we stop resisting, things become easier. We are embracing life as it is and not expecting it to be different than it is. What happens in a relationship when we expect the person to conform to how we think they should be instead of being just who they are? As long as we think this way, we suffer. The relationship you have with life and the Divine is the greatest relationship you will ever have; do not expect it to conform to your expectations and be different than it is.

This realization comes with the understanding of the oneness behind the duality. Know that it is not important to distinguish between the two opposites. What is important is to recognize the One that is behind it all. All things that exist come from the One. This means there are no mistakes unless we step in and say it is an error. Then we all know what happens we get upset, angry and frustrated because things are not going the way we think they should. From this state, we lose touch with the Divine and dive deeper into our own mind looking for a solution that does not exist. If we continue to expect life to be the way we want it to be then we will end up in a relationship that is doomed to fail in the end. We will live out our lives expecting something different from what is and never finding the space between the opposites, where peace, truth and happiness live.

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